Hello, it is finally the year 1995. I am excited to reach the 2000s, I am looking forward to see what new technological innovations will appear because this nineties era surprised us with the massive expansion of the internet, suddenly we can connect to a computer and chat with someone on the other side of the world, but to be honest sometimes so much technology gives me a certain kind of susceptibility and questions without answers. Where did this monster called the internet came from? What are the reasons why humanity has created such a complex network that sometimes keeps even our most intimate secrets. What happens if one day all this complex system is used with bad intentions and against us? What were the great creatives thinking when inventing these impressive electronic boxes and their components that we call computers, what do they want to transmit aesthetically with this type of technological artifacts? why its expansion in this decade? How will technology eventually affect the human psyche and human behavior? Why and for what... Sometimes I question things too much and life in general but as Socrates once said: the question is worth more than the answer. Anyway... In order not to get too entangled, I am going to tell you a secret about this website on the occasion of my anniversary and my great popularity online.

My name is David, I'm 27 years old and I'm a student of visual communication, I did this project pretending to be my younger sister of 15 years, for that I had to spend too much time with her and infiltrate me in her private conversations with her friends so I can know more about this popular guy, at least in Spanish-speaking countries. My sister who is Enrique Iglesias number one fan has told me a lot about him, her room is decorated with his posters, she has a discman with only his records, she has tried to sneak into the hotels where he stays just to see him a little closer and more in a "natural scene" without so many bodyguards, she has formed a fan club that waits for him outside the stadiums until his concerts are over, just to get his autograph. I think she has an impossible crush, well... just like all the girls who listen to his songs and buy his merchandise, but to be honest I came to like his music because the lyrics of his songs are sweet and hard, they have joy and sadness all at the same time, just like life itself. Anyway I was pretending to be my sister so that my website becomes the best known and visited, because let's be honest, women in general are more appreciated and charismatic towards the public with this type of publications.

PS: If you want to help improve my website and you have some recommendations or perhaps answers to all the questions raised, I would like to receive an from you.