by Onie Kim
Flâneur (/flæˈnjʊər/; French: [flɑˈnœʁ]) is a French noun referring to a person, literally meaning 'stroller', 'lounger', 'saunterer', or 'loafer’.
This website is about strolling on the internet. The concept of stroll can be equal to the concept of searching and surfing through hyperlinks or recommended related contents on the internet.

In the novel, story goes along with searching and related search keyword.
If users enter search keyword in input, they can get an image which is the result of search engine API, and sentences of the novel which I saved in an array of javascript. And then, to keep progress the story, users can choose a subject or object of the next sentence from the related search keyword.
When you are ready, have a nice walk!
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