Designed By. YUUJIN, JEONG

Screen Design Layout

: From Poster To Webpage

Introduction Of Poster

This poster is a poster of art exhibition which was held at HeK (House of electronic Arts Basel)
in Switzerland from 27.08.2020 to 15.11.2020.

You can check the details here


Exhibition Archiving Website

I decided to make "Archiving Website" because I thought it would be great if I can share this great exhibition and artworks to everyone without visiting to exhibition in person.

Idea & Story Board

I thought that the attractive points of the poster are the main Typography of poster and Arrow graphics on the photography, so that I tried to use the points as much as possible from the storyboard. And I suggested it at the storyboard how it looks like, considering if I make the mobile-version(vertical screen) of the website. There are a few differences between the result website and the storyboard, but I took advantage of these points by using them.


Identity Color

: Poster Identity Color

: Hek's Identity Color

Identity Graphic

As you are quite aware, in the original poster, the most appealing graphic and notable graphic is “Arrows”, so that I tried to use this graphic to point something (especially the artworks) or connect them.

Variety Of Typography

I added the arrow graphic on the main typography, made various version of it, and used it as a main element of the website.