How Much Longer?

'How Much Longer?' expands the scrollbar's function
to help digital reading behavior.

How it Started

This project started from the inconvenience of reading text on digital, especially desktop computer.
In general, digital text is in either PDF or non-PDF format, or it falls at a crossroads. For all that, even if the file format is not necessarily PDF, the metaphor of ‘page’ in it transcends and exists alive in any format(or software). And the familiar proportions of the 'vertical standard' (A4, A3, B5 …) page metaphor maximizes hostility when it faced with a desktop computer with a long width. This is why I think infinite scrolling without page division is more suitable for plain digital text. However, in the case of 'infinity scrolling', the biggest problem is that the sense of how much — and how much longer — of reading is paralyzed.

So What is it?

'How Much Longer?' is a draft of software that expands the scrollbar's function to help digital reading behavior. It started with the idea that the important viewpoint in digital text reading and its form(software) is not to transmit forms such as book, paper and pages, but to transfer only the 'sense' in the previous reading act.
A scroll bar is an important built-in function that is inseparable from a fixed-size screen and the text in it. By focusing on it, this proposed software expands the function of scrollbar as an axis — semantically and practically — that implying a concept of ‘HOW MUCH’ to allow the sensory perception of time, distance, and position.

The work answers the following questions: What kind of collapse and abandonment is the current digital reading behavior built on? How to do ‘Pagination’ in a system based on Infinite Scrolling? Where and how to display index?

Demo Function