I'm Olia Lialina

I made this page on October 5, 2022, the first day of the class Traditions and Revolutions in Web Design by modifying the code of a very old but still actual page made by Univ.-Prof.i.R. Dr. sc. nat.Werner Römisch. His page is one of the brightest examples in my essay Prof.Dr.Style, that can be helpful if you want to know how did people make pages in 1993 and what did it mean for them and for the evolution of web design.

So, the task was to make a page as if you are in 1993.

I sit next to Luis Weiler

I linked to him and ask him to link to the next student. We are 14 people, and the last one is supposed to link back to me, in the best traditions of web rings, that as a phenomenom appeared a year or two later, but it is important to get a feeling of linking to each other.

I also suggested to the students to embed a youtube video into their pages< There was no Youtube in 1993 of course, even EMBED tag was not invented yet, but I think pulling parts of a giant system into your modest page is a nice feeling and a healthy exercise.

One week later (12.10.2022) our group met again to find ourselves in 1995.This time the task was to style with pure HTML, which means to forget that there is CSS -- separation of style and structure, presentation and content. How to make layout and visual effects without CSS and without images? Many things are possible, but you need to go to the quirks_mode.
I'me going to open this page during my talk "Welcome to My Metaverse" at Kikk festival as an example of how to build the simpliest page yourself. And how you can continue to travel in time and space

I have another home page, it looks a bit different :)

last modified October 26, 2022.